Telemarketing Tips with TelephoneListsDo you often find yourself answering questions to someone who is not even in charge while making telecalls? Don’t worry you are not alone many tele callers face the challenge of getting through the “gatekeepers” to reach the person in charge of the firm – the CEO. Receptionists or administrative assistants are the gateways to the boss but getting past them is not a cakewalk. They are there to screen your calls and ensure you are worth the time of their master. If all this sound familiar to you, it is the time to change your approach to reach the head. You need to understand that just getting a US phone number list will not get you leads. A strategy and some quick thinking can get the job done. In this post, we are sharing five ways in which you can break the gatekeeper code and reach the concerned authority.

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Make Your Move During Off Hours

This is the most common mistake that tele callers make. Calling to talk to the head during the rush hours is a strict no. The company head would be busy with meetings and the call attendant at the reception would also not be interested in listening to your sale pitch. Taking another route to get past the receptionist may be a good idea. Call during off hours like lunch time, late in the evening, or early morning. The chances are that the attendant at the reception may entertain your call, and if you are lucky, you may reach the prospect.

Dump the Script

The script is the first thing that is handed to the team of tele callers. Everyone mugs it up and starts speaking the moment the recipient picks up the call. The receptionist gets an idea that it is a tele caller on the other side the moment you start speaking the mugged up script. Take a different approach and dump the script. Instead, be a normal caller and make some enquiries to win their trust.

Personal Interaction

Once you have made the initial conversation, you need to ensure you keep the call going. The best way to do that is through personal interaction on the call. After all, it is the duty of the gatekeepers to not allow unwanted calls disturb the boss. It is not an automated telephone system but a human who is attending your call, so an ideal practice would be to learn the name of the person and address them with their name. This will help you create a personal rapport with the receptionist.

Maintain a Polite Tone

Tele calling is all about the manner in which you talk to your prospect. You may have made many calls throughout the day and not get connected with the head or convert a lead into a client you cannot afford that frustration show in your tone with the gatekeeper. Being rude, or arrogant while talking to the receptionist will ensure your number getting blocked. Try to be positive and cheerful during the conversation, and address them with respect.

Respect Their Knowledge

Picking up the conversation with the gatekeeper can do world of good to you. They have the wealth of knowledge about the company, and you need to respect that. Ask them for advice or suggestion to show that you leverage their knowledge. You can even enquire about the best time to reach the prospect or whether you should be connecting with someone else altogether. This may break the ice and get you what you desire.

Wrapping Up

US phone numbers list are easily available for sale with merchants and operators, but simply getting the list won’t serve the purpose. Once you have the prospective leads, you need to play your cards smartly to complete the sale. Gatekeepers the first stage and once you clear them, you can expect half of your work is done. In case, you feel the need for better phone number list for you business you can always contact To reach us, call 1.888.981.3099 or 1.972.713.6622, or email your query to [email protected], and we would get back to you shortly.

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