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Whether your business focuses on digital or traditional marketing or a combination of both, you need more than well-trained marketing executives and persuasive scripts to generate conversions. In addition to these two prerequisites, a feature-rich telemarketing software solution is also essential for marketers to rise above the noise. Ironically, given the abundance in the number of options, selecting the right software can be a challenge. Therefore, to help ensure you make the right pick, this post discusses all the key factors you need to consider when selecting a telemarketing software.

1. Calling Limitations

Choose a dialing software that has an unlimited calling feature, especially if your telemarketing agents need to call prospects more than once. The software should allow your executives to call quickly and easily from the list of prospects, without making you worry about the money-meter. You can easily find dialers today that have the feature of making truly unlimited outbound and inbound calls to USA and Canada. In the case of this telemarketing software solution, there are no charges by the minute with no “extra” usage charges. Additionally, you may have access to a local or toll free inbound SoftPhone line at no extra cost.

2. Ease of Use

Convenience is another crucial feature to look for in a telemarketing solution. You don’t want your telecalling executives to waste their time and energy by looking back and forth at phone numbers while calling the prospects. A power dialer can help them highlight and click on the phone numbers they wish to dial. The click-to-call feature in a dialing software immediately dials the next number, and a keypad pops up. This allows you to record a call, read scripts or play pre-recorded messages, and view/edit your address book. By installing a power dialer, businesses can increase their appointments by 150 percent.

3. Call Drops and Delays

The ultimate objective of a telemarketing campaign is to generate maximum leads that are easily converted into sales. Dropped calls or “telemarketer delay”, however, act as an obstacle to achieving this end objective. A high-quality dialing software eliminates this delay by routing calls to the available calling agents. Your customers don’t become defensive to your sales call, as there is elimination of the “telemarketer delay”. Moreover, a power dialer enables you to see notes on the caller before you begin speaking to them, which, in turn, avoids delays; preparing you well in advance.

4. Compatibility with CRM

Look for a dialer software that comes with built-in CRM feature, through which you can easily keep track of customer contacts, call lists, and campaigns. Telecalling agents can view the detailed information about each contact such as their prior interactions with your company, call recordings/logs, voicemails, purchases, and support requests. Integrate the dialer software with your CRM and witness an increase in lead generation.

5. Reporting

Buy a dialing software that has real-time and historical reporting capabilities. This feature helps to track the progress of your telemarketing campaigns. A power dialer allows you to look separately at inbound and outbound metrics, review call logs, the number of voicemails and missed calls received. You can, therefore, measure real results and make data-driven decisions.

6. Reminders

Call Back Reminder is one of the major features of the dialing software. It makes you capable to set a Callback Reminder with its built-in PC based reminder calendar. You may also use this feature of the dialer with your web based Google or Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar.

7. Email Automation

A high-end telemarketing software solution gives you the option of email marketing. While being on the phone, you can simply choose and click to send six different pre-typed emails to your customers and prospects. Email Automation, therefore, comes handy with a dialer software.


Telemarketing business grows through careful lead nurturing along with the right tools. A high-end telemarketing software can equip your business to implement effective telemarketing campaigns. Should you have any question or confusion, our team of representatives is just a call away. Reach us at 1-888-981-3099 or 1-972-713-6622 for a no-obligation consultation or send an email with your questions to [email protected].