Telemarketing List with TelephoneLists Whether you work in business, real estate, insurance or another industry, odds are your company needs to reach more customers and recruit further business in the most efficient way possible. The classic solution? Cold calling. As a strategy for reaching mass volumes of potential customers, cold calls are the go-to sales and telemarketing method for contacting people who haven’t yet expressed any interest in the product or service you offer. With the rise of newer technologies, you might think sales calls are a thing of the past — but they’re still one of the most effective ways of reaching new customers and making sales. But how do you succeed in cold calling? If you’re wondering how to make this marketing method work for your company, start with these four suggested strategies.

1. Accept Rejection

When you work in sales, rejection is a regular part of doing business. From prospecting to closing the deal, potential customers will say no or back out of sales frequently. Even though rejection can seem like a failure, don’t look at it that way. Would you buy something from someone on the first phone call? Not everyone would. To improve your call skills and increase your chances of making a sale, treat each call as a learning experience instead of a competition. When a potential customer says no, politely ask them why not or what you could do to change their mind in the future. And remember, getting a yes will feel so much better after getting used to all those “no”s.

2. Focus on Learning Over Immediate Sales

When you’re working on your cold call game, don’t measure your success by the number of immediate sales you make. Instead, keep your focus on how you can improve your script, your responses and call process. Analyze your process by seeing where people typically shut you down, adjusting what you say, and figuring out better responses for questions and rejections. When you improve your approach over time, your sales will increase naturally.

3. Make Your Scripts Your Own

Your potential customers can tell when you’re robotically reading off a script — and it won’t go far in convincing them to listen or relate to you. Instead of presenting an impersonal, pre-determined dialogue, learn how to act out your script and add your own personality into it. Make sure to memorize your intro and your value proposition, so you have a solid foundation to build from, but let the rest of the script be more open-ended. Ask questions, adapt the conversation to the customer’s responses and prepare your own responses for common objections. When the people on the other end of the line feel like you’re genuine, they’re more likely to give you their time — and you’re more likely to make that sale.

4. Make a Call Schedule That Works

Figure out when your potential customers are more likely to answer the phone and more likely to stay on the phone and work your call schedule around those windows. This could mean one specific chunk of the day — like 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. — or several little windows throughout the day. Part of knowing what works is knowing when it works.

Rely on the Right Technology

Everyone’s least favorite part of cold calling is the repetitive details — like double-checking and dialing each number all day. When you want to make your cold call process more serious and eliminate the tedious details, relying on the right kind of calling technology is key. With solutions like EVS7’s dialer agents, you can make multi-line calls and enjoy automatic dialing easily. Contact us today to learn more about integrating the dialer services and products to make your sales calls more successful.