How to Motivate Your Sales Reps Without Money

Does your office space have a variety of inspirational messages tacked onto the walls of the sales floor — posters like the cute kitten clinging to the branch of a tall tree with words encouraging it to simply “Hang in There.” While kitschy, these posters do little to actually motivate or inspire sales reps with the difficult task of completing successful sales and service calls.

Maintaining positivity and productivity is a challenge, and managers need inspiring, effective methods to motivate salespeople without using cash. With a bit of creativity and effort, managers can incorporate non-money incentives to encourage their team to reach the next level.

Keeping Your Sales Reps Happy — Tips for Motivating a Sales Team

In sales, the solution to any type of problem is to spend or invest money — when quotas are low and leads are scarce, the best way to bring in that revenue and get sales teams up and active is with more cash, right? But money isn’t the only way to encourage people to work hard and succeed. With a bit of creativity and a strong understanding of your sales team, you can develop effective methods to keep spirits high and encourage worker productivity without relying on monetary motivators.

Toss your motivational posters in the trash and consider these sales motivation tips:

  • Develop a sense of purpose: Make your sales efforts more than just a daily grind. Most individuals want to feel like they’re providing value. For some, that value is hitting tangible, attainable goals. For others, it could be helping people with a problem. Determine what drives every person on your sales team and help develop those motivations and purpose.
  • Encourage autonomy: Employees who feel that they’re trusted and independent are often more motivated. Anyone who has been watched or micromanaged understands the level of stress and discomfort this management style causes. Letting salespeople have control over their schedules and develop their own sales techniques will promote a healthier work environment and foster growth.
  • Create an engaging work environment: Research indicates that an individual’s work environment plays a role in their overall happiness and productivity. Having access to privacy, quiet, quick lunch time naps and natural lighting encourages sales team motivation. Even if you can’t build walls or add windows, try encouraging breaks, sprucing up the environment with brighter paint and adding plants or regulating office temperatures.
  • Have tangible milestone rewards: Add a bit of personality and fun to your work space by gifting tangible rewards. These don’t have to be monetary incentives — think of quirky office trophies, free lunches or other items that your team will work hard for.
  • Remember regular recognition: An old, dated saying is, “A job well done is reward enough.” While many workers do find satisfaction in performing the job, receiving regular validation and kudos is a great way to encourage them to keep working hard. Recognize sales reps for their accomplishments, letting them know you value their work by talking about recent accomplishments or an exciting new project they’re starting.

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