Telemarketing success, in addition to prerequisites such as telemarketing call lists and calling software, also require leveraging the latest strategies and best practices. That’s the reason it is important for every business to seek inspirations from telemarketing experts with proven competence in their respective domains. Thank’s to Twitter, now you can easily get insights from various leaders from the marketing vertical. This blog post discusses four such influencers who have made their mark in the world of marketing and whose success stories are always an inspiration for both digital and telemarketers. Take a look. Download A Free Sample  

1.Donald Miller

Donald MillerDonald Miller is one of the most popular American authors and a public speaker. He shares influential marketing advice that has been an inspiration to many marketers and entrepreneurs. His pieces deliver ideas and strategies designed to help businesses expand and understand customers with different ideas, needs and opinions.

2. Ann Handley

Ann HandleyAnn Handley has a long experience in creating digital content and building relationships between organization and individuals. The Chief Content Offices of MarketingProfs, she aims at simplifying complex marketing challenges and strategies to drive maximum returns. She talks about some of the most effective technologies and tools that make selling less complex.

3. Nancy Bleeke

Nancy BleekeNancy Bleeke, the founder of Sales Pro Insider, was awarded a gold medal for her must-read book for sales professionals: “Conversations that sell”. She has written for many leading publications, including Top Sales World, Salesopedia, Sales Gravy,, and many more, and is recognized as a top thought-leader and influencer in marketing and sales. She has trained thousands of professionals and managers in adopting the best marketing practices.

4. Joe Pulizzi

Joe PulizziJoe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institution – a leading education and training institution for content marketing – is also the winner of 2014 John Caldwell lifetime achievement award from the content council. He has make significant contribution in marketing, displayed in one of his best works: “Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses.”

Last Few Words

The  above listed people are some of the most acclaimed marketing experts whose insights have been instrumental in the growth of countless organizations. If you too are a marketer, follow them on Twitter and be prepared to up your game and watch your business grow. As far as telemarketing call lists are concerned, we have got you covered. If you need more info about how we can help you achieve optimum returns through telemarketing, feel free to contact us at 1.888.981.3099. You can also write to us at [email protected]