A telemarketing team has a number of sales representatives, all using the same telemarketing dialer software and CRM, but not all are outstanding performers. Ever wondered, what separates a top performer from others? Only a representative who is focused and organized, and plans out each day keeping set goals in mind excels at work. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, businesses are chasing more aggressive goals and the pressure to achieve is higher than ever, which makes it imperative for organizations to ensure all of their telemarketers excel in their roles. To help, this blog lists four traits that successful telemarketers have in common. Let’s take a look. Download A Free Sample

1. Prepare for the Close

A top performer rarely picks up the phone to immediately dial the number of a potential lead. You would, in fact, see most of them taking out time to plan a call to mark a good impression on the person on the other end of the call. To plan a call, they set well-defined objectives, which could be anything from generating interest to a conversion. The telemarketer would also address all questions the prospect may ask, figure out the selling points of the product/service, and make a note of the objections raised.

2. Recognize Buying Signs

A well-articulated call closure has a high chance of turning into a future sale, and it is the buying signals that make the telemarketer understand that the most crucial part of their job is over. A top performer knows the buying signals, and acts accordingly. Remember, there’s no rule that a buying signal would come at the end of the call, as the prospect may show interest in the product/service at the beginning, middle, or end of the call.

Understanding buying signals

Verbal signal

A verbal buying signal is a question or statement from the potential client that may indicate specific interest. “That sounds interesting”, “will that software be easy to implement with the existing system?” are some of the positive verbal buying signals.

Tonal signal

A tonal buying signal is sound a potential client makes to indicate interest in the product/service. If, for instance, the client says “ohhh” when the telemarketer makes a key point, it is a positive signal.

3. Use Silence as a Sales Tool

Silence is an effective tool in telemarketing and a top performer prefers to stay silent after using the traditional closure message and wait for the prospect to speak. In most cases, the pause works in their favor. A few seconds of silence is more powerful and effective in telemarketing as compared to face-to-face selling because there’s no visual distraction and the prospect is compelled to fill in the gap. The tension, however, is not one way. The telemarketer may also feel equally awkward during the moment, and sometimes, even more, as a sale is at stake. There is a possibility of telemarketer feeling anxious to fill the gap and rush in to provide more information about the product or service. A top performer resists the urge to pass on extra information knowing that this additional conversation delay the closure, and therefore, chooses to remain silent. It is better to give the client some time to understand the need of product/service, time to weigh options, and then time to give a final nod.

4. Wrap Up the Call Nicely

When was the last time that you said “thank you” after the prospect said “yes” to the sale? While some telemarketers forget to thank the prospect, others think that a thank you isn’t necessary as the buyer has made the decision after numerous follow ups. Top performers know that closure is the most critical phase of the sale and a sincere thank you improves the relationship between the two. Make sure that you say thankyou after each and every big or small sale. There’s no need to overdo it or sound too excited, just try to be professional.

Last Few Words

Though you cannot transform all telemarketers into top performers overnight, organizing training sessions at regular intervals certainly help them improve closing skills. TelephoneLists.Biz, with the aim to assist businesses get maximum benefits from telemarketing, shares tips, and insights on how to devise the right strategy and prepare your team of telemarketers to score better sales results. You may also get in touch with our team at to get custom telemarketing lists for all sorts of marketing campaigns.