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Buying Residential Lists for Canadian and U.S. Markets

Over the past 10 to 15 years, one trend has become very apparent – companies are trying to sell their goods and services across borders in North America. For example, American retailers have been opening retail outlets in Canada while Canadian banks have established a presence in the United States in recent years.

While some retailers and financial institutions have effectively crossed the border separating America and Canada, others, such as Target, have failed. In order to be successful in both countries, companies have to recognize that the United States and Canada differ in more ways than having different topographies. Each country has its own unique customer base as well.

If you’re looking for residential phone leads for sale, it’s important you understand the differences between Canadian and American consumers before you commit to buying residential lists for your sales team. Being familiar with the differences between Canadian and U.S.-based consumers can not only help you purchase the right residential phone listings, it can also enable you to prepare sales scripts that are perfectly tailored to each market.

Differences Between Canadian and U.S. Consumers

When you’re shopping for residential calling lists for your telemarketers, keep the following differences between Canadian and American residential consumers in mind:

  • Driven in part by their higher cost of living, Canadian consumers are value shoppers, which makes them more interested in finding the best deal regardless of brand name. While Americans also look for value, Canadians are willing to put forth more effort to find a deal. Approximately 87 percent of Canadians will buy things when they’re on sale, 57 percent will visit more than one store to get the best prices, and 56 percent are members of retail loyalty programs.
  • American consumers have embraced e-commerce more readily than Canadians have. E-commerce is responsible for about 7.7 percent of retail sales in America but it only accounts for 4.5 percent of Canada’s total retail sales.
  • Canada is in the 14th spot on the world’s list of internet penetration rates, 15 spots in front of the United States. The typical Canadian spends approximately 39 hours online every month. That number doesn’t include time spent online using a mobile phone or tablet.

Ideas for Targeting Canadian and U.S. Consumers

Before you buy residential call lists for telemarketers, you should figure out your target market and how you’re going to target the specific consumers who’ll be the most likely to purchase your goods or services. If your Canadian business is looking to expand into America and you have an online store, you may want to look for areas of the country that have a high density of people who shop using the internet.

If your American business is trying to cross the border into Canada, you can identify locations that have a large number of consumers who participate in retail loyalty programs. You can then mention your own loyalty program into your sales script, and your staff can explain the added value your program provides when they have Canadian prospects on the phone.

Should You Buy Residential Lists by State or Country?

Whether you should buy residential phone listings by state or country depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of your sales campaign. If you’re selling a product that will appeal to select buyers in specific geographic areas, it probably makes sense to purchase your leads by state or postal code. If you’re trying to introduce your products or services on a wide-scale basis, buying a list by country may make more sense.

Contact TelephoneLists.Biz for Your Residential List Needs

Regardless of whether you’re looking for residential lists of American or Canadian consumers that cover a specific state or the entire country, we have an affordable residential telemarketing phone number list that will help you reach your sales goals. Our consumer databases are consistently updated so you can rest assured knowing you are targeting the right consumers. Contact TelephoneLists.Biz to learn more today.