Top Softphones of 2019

Content revised for 2019 on April 20th, 2019.

Landline phones are quickly becoming like the dinosaurs — extinct.

It makes sense. People are not stationary beings. We cannot, nor do we wish to be handcuffed to a landline phone, waiting for it to ring just in case someone calls. People are mobile. We need the ability to stay connected with others even when we’re away from our desks. It’s why the majority of people pivoted toward the widespread use of mobile phones.

What’s not to love about them? These gadgets allow us to surf the internet, play games, record photos and videos, but most importantly — our mobile phones enable better relationships with our friends, families, co-workers, and businesses. Everyone is just a phone call away. Yes, phones still make phone calls (but don’t tell that to anyone under 20 years old).

Make no doubt about it. The advancements in phone technology continue to enhance the lives of billions of people — mostly consumers. But what about for businesses?

Are there any innovative solutions that can improve the way a company operates, simply by adopting a new phone technology?

Yes, with softphones.

Softphones for Business

Similar to how mobile phones empower consumers with new functionalities, conveniences, and capabilities, the same applies to softphones for businesses. In a nutshell, a softphone does many wonderful things for businesses, such as:

  • Reducing phone service costs
  • Providing mobility
  • Enhancing office organization
  • Boosting workflow
  • Heightening communication, and
  • Vastly improving teamwork

Softphones truly are the next big thing as several thousands of businesses have already changed from regular phones to using softphones.

If you want to learn about the differences between a regular hard phone and softphones; what is SIP and VoIP; and have a greater understanding of the technologies that power softphones, please continue reading after you check out our list of the top softphones of 2019.   

Please note: When making the switch to VoIP softphones, it’s important to select the one that is most compatible with your company’s budget and goals. A few other things to consider are integration, requirements, features and add-ons, customer support, and whether or not a free trial is offered.

Below is a quick snapshot of the best softphones featured in this article:

  • Cricket Click Dialer
  • Skype
  • Bria
  • 3CXPhone
  • Zoiper Classic
  • X-lite

Ready to discover a softphone solution that’s the perfect fit for your company? To save you some time, the team at thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the top softphones available in 2019.

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Top 6 Best Softphones of 2019

  1. Cricket Click Dialer Softphone

Integration and Ease of Use: The Cricket Click Dialer is tremendously simple to use. You can click to call any phone number in online CRMs, spreadsheets, and emails. You may also click to voicemail drop 1 of 5 pre-recorded messages whenever you reach an answering machine — and you can even personalize them to increase the likelihood of receiving call backs.  This click dialer softphone integrates with Zoho, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Act!, Maximizer, Sugar, and virtually all other Cloud CRMs.

Requirements: Windows 7, 8, or 10, an internet connection, and USB headset. Works in Google Chrome, Firefox, and other internet browsers.

Free Trial: Yes, you can try for free up to 7 days or 200 connected calls, whichever comes first. This is one of the only softphones that offers a free trial with access to all of its features. What you see is what you get, so you truly know what product you’re buying.

General features include: Voice calls, click to call, voicemail automation (voicemail drops), VoIP phone service with truly unlimited calls, your own inbound phone number and Caller ID control, call logs, call recording, transfer calls, and conference calls.

Add-on features: Coaching and monitoring tool

Video Tutorials and Live Customer Support – Cricket has a small amount of video tutorials online via EVS7’s website or you can find them on YouTube. There is also friendly technical support you can call for live help when you need it.

Important Notes:  The Cricket softphone was designed with sales reps and call centers in mind or for anyone using an online CRM.

Cricket’s click to dial feature works like a charm. You click any phone number once, and it automatically dials it for you. This is a great tool for calling people quickly and cheaply, too, beca