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With Americans spending an estimated $326.1 billion dollars on home improvements and repairs in 2015 alone, now is a great time to be in the home improvement business. Simply being in the industry isn’t enough to guarantee you’ll be successful, however. To capitalize on the home improvement industry’s recovery from the relatively recent economic downturn that occurred in 2008, you have to create a pipeline of projects that will keep you and your crew busy throughout the upcoming weeks and months.

Generating Homeowner Telemarketing Lists

You can do several things to fill your calendar with future projects. You can ask your current clients if you can put a sign that displays your business’ name and contact information in their front yards, for instance. When someone contacts you, you can record their personal information, add them to your list of prospects, and make an appointment to discuss the project they’re interested in. You can also have your work truck custom painted so that it acts like a mobile billboard that provides your contact information to everyone who sees it on the road.

Another effective tactic to generate business is to use our home improvement telemarketing lists to solicit business from homeowners. We also offer lists of leads for home improvement companies that have the potential to add to your bottom line. You can use this kind of list to reach out to businesses that offer services that complement the ones you provide to see if you can engage in a cross-promotion that will benefit both companies.

Selecting Homeowner Lists

When you buy homeowner lists from TelephoneLists.Biz, we make it possible for you to buy them for just one state or the entire country. Buying homeowner lists for just one state enables you to get lists for the states that have the highest concentrations of homeowners who are interested in home improvement projects without having to spend money on states that don’t have as many people who need the kind of services you provide. recently reported that three mid-Atlantic states were included in the list of the top five states that have the greatest concentrations of interest when it comes to home improvement projects: Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Ohio and Minnesota rounded out the top five.

If you’re looking for qualified homeowner lists — meaning lists that include contact information for people who are likely to have an interest in home improvement — you may want to start with homeowner telemarketing lists for the states listed above.

Of course, home improvement is popular throughout the country, so buying one of our affordable home improvement telemarketing lists for your home state may be an even better place to start depending on your location and the size, breadth, and capabilities of your business.

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