How often is the data updated and how accurate is it?

The Leads Portal database lists are updated multiple times per year, and our targeted and classic data is updated annually with major updates. While it is hard to make exact estimates due to the changing nature, we are proud of our lists and estimate a high accuracy rate. Typically we estimate 80% accuracy but this [...]

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Can the lists be opened in Excel?

The lists can be opened in Excel through the Text Import Wizard. Keep in mind that Excel versions prior to 2007 had Row limit of 65,536, and 2007 and later have a limit of 1,048,576 rows. That means that you might not be able to open some area codes and/or states in Excel because of [...]

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Can I resell the data?

No we do not offer resale rights, nor can you give it away. However, you can use the list for your company or business whenever and however else you see fit as long as you are compliant with government regulations.

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