Telemarketing Lists strategy with TelephoneLists In a world seemingly run by social media, online ads and digital content, some companies are forgetting the factor at the heart of business development — the human factor. You might think your emails and online advertising efforts are the best way to bring new customers into your consumer base, but most business-to-business and business-to-customer sales only succeed after a live conversation. The solution? Telemarketing. While it might seem like a marketing method of the past, the intelligent use of telemarketers is still one of the top drivers in making effective sales. Wondering how you can turn your outbound calls into inbound profits? Here’s why telemarketing works — and how to make it more effective.

The Emotional and Interpersonal Aspect of Telemarketing

When it comes to making an impression and making a sale, connecting with your potential customers is all about appealing to their human factor. Your prospects are people, and they make both business and personal decisions based on emotional, social and rational factors. To gain their business, you need to build a relationship and a level of understanding that online outlets won’t allow. This is why telemarketing can be so successful. Good telemarketing leads to good business because it:
  • Shows a personal understanding of the buyer’s situation and needs
  • Personalizes the services and goods you’re promoting
  • Shows the customer how their needs intersect with your products and services
Successful telemarketers offer empathy, human characteristics and personal attention, which persuade the prospect to develop his or her own interest.

How to Make Telemarketing More Effective

Is your telemarketing effective? If you want to improve your phone strategy to increase your sales, focus on these areas of importance:
  • Tone of Voice: Whether you’re selling to customers or other businesses, your prospects can detect your intentions and level of patience in the tone of voice you use. If you sound urgent, pushy and impersonal, you won’t make any sales. Instead, take your time, make sure your tone is warm and aim to sound friendly and respectful throughout your script and the conversation. Pause when you ask questions, speak slowly and clearly and convey positivity.
  • Trust-Focused Language: The biggest part of building a sales network through telemarketing is building trust with your potential customers. In your language as well as your mindset, aim to build a foundation of respect and positivity. Remember, the goal is to create trust, not make an immediate sale.
  • Emotional Relatability: Your potential customers will connect with you the most when they can relate to you. Bringing out this emotional response requires creating emotional engagement. Be persuasive by offering an intelligent, emotional appeal with your product or service. Advise, empathize and elicit curiosity to instill more interest in what you’re offering.
In addition to your telemarketing strategy, you’ll also need to make sure you’re equipped with the right tools. With EVS7’s dialing agents and other products, you can rapidly dial large lists, place calls on multiple lines and manage the details of inbound and outbound calls more easily. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your telemarketing process.