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Cold Calling Tips for Success

For any sales team, cold calling poses a challenge. It also offers immense opportunity, with more than 60 percent of executives crediting cold calling to attending an event or accepting an appointment. So, how can you improve your team’s cold

Call Center Management Styles

Even if you’ve worked in the same call center for years, you’ve probably worked for managers who had very different management styles. Managers are people too, after all, so they are not wired the same way like robots are. If

cold calling tips
Cold Calling Made Easy

Everyone knows cold calling is not easy. Calling a total stranger out of the blue and pitching to them is challenging work. It requires you to put yourself in an uncomfortable position. You are vulnerable to negative responses or worse

23 Sales Discovery Questions

What is a Discovery CallIf you’ve been in sales for a while, you may already know that the discovery call — meaning the one that occurs after your initial contact with a prospect — is often the most critical step

Spring Clean Your Call Lists

If you’re in the business of selling goods or services over the phone, you’re at risk of more than people simply hanging up on you. You’re also exposed to possible litigation. So far, the Federal Trade Commission has filed nearly

Sales Call Errors to Avoid

Mistakes happen. And they happen in the call center industry just like they do in almost every other facet of life. While it’s easy to recover from making a wrong turn en route to an unfamiliar — or well-known —

The Difference Between Cold Calling Businesses & Consumers

If you’re new to telemarketing or if you’ve recently switched from conducting business sales campaigns to campaigns geared toward consumers, or vice versa, you’re probably curious about the difference between cold calling businesses and consumers. To develop a full understanding

Telemarketing Lists strategy with TelephoneLists
Tips for Hiring Great Call Center Agents

We’ve all heard them. Audio clips of customer interactions with call center agents that have gone terribly awry. Most of them make us smile and feel relieved that we were neither the caller nor the call center agent involved in

how to buy phone numbers for cold calling
How To Buy Bulk Phone Numbers:

If you’re trying to figure out how to buy business phone numbers for cold calling, you may think it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling the first list broker that pops up in your search browser. While

IP phone off the hook
Quality Telemarketing: Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices

You’ve heard the saying quality over quantity, well in the call center industry quality and quantity are equally important. You have to get through numbers quickly while also providing quality assurance that the customers require. Both can be achieved with