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If you’re a sales professional to branch out a bit more, and want to do so in Canada, then look no further than our business phone lists. At TelephoneLists.biz we offer Canada business lists for telemarketing and mailing that are sure to help you and your business gain more contacts.  Not sure you’ll be able to use our list?  Not to worry, because our lists are not only compatible with programs like Microsoft Excel, but they can also be run through any type of standard dialer, CRM, or marketing software that uses Excel or CSV files.  We’ve been selling phone lists since 2007 and have thousands of happy customers all around the world.[/vc_column_text] [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_cta_button call_text=”Increase Sales with Canadian Lead Lists” title=”Buy Canada Business Lists” target=”_self” color=”btn-info” icon=”none” size=”btn-large” position=”cta_align_right” href=”https://www.telephonelists.biz/product-category/telephone-lists/canadian-lists”][vc_column_text]

Our business lists for Canada cover every type of business and you can sort them by business code or location.  Each Canadian business listing includes address, phone number, and business code.

Still not convinced? Purchasing a Canadian business list is done by either province or the entire country. With our affordable prices, a business list for Canada isn’t a farfetched deal, and as a savvy telemarketer or mail marketer, you’ll likely increase your leads and sales.  Tired of looking up numbers in the white pages or searching for a certain industry to call?  Our Canadian business lists are the answer for you.

All of our business lists are designed to give you the first and last name of the business owner, the address of the business including zip code, the number to the business, and a description and name of the business. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Our Canada business lists are perfect for mailing campaigns as well since all of the addresses can be sorted by industry and type of business.

Here is a complete list of the Canadian provinces you can purchase. Residential listings are available too as a separate purchase.

Residential Count Business
Alberta (AB)
1,225,222 171,271
British Columbia (BC)
1,275,959 195,900
Manitoba (MB)
384, 067 44,983
New Brunswick (NB)
313,073 30,533
Newfoundland (NL)
190,763 20,144
Nova Scotia (NS)
397,872 37,826
Northwest Territories (NT)
9,981 3,228
Nunavut (NU)
4,926 1,514
Ontario (ON)
4,120,034 478,257
Prince Edward Island (PE)
56,967 6,968
Quebec (QC)
3,148,615 283,759
Saskatchewan (SK)
374,316 47,178
Yukon (YT)
12,698 2,789
11,514,493 1,324,350