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Telemarketing Services 101: Winning the Trust of Your Customers

Certainty is one of the most crucial prerequisites of effective telemarketing. No matter whether you are in the USA or any other part of the world, if you wish to achieve excellent results in sales, you need to have an

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7 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Telemarketing Software

Whether your business focuses on digital or traditional marketing or a combination of both, you need more than well-trained marketing executives and persuasive scripts to generate conversions. In addition to these two prerequisites, a feature-rich telemarketing software solution is also

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4 Brand Loyalty Building Tips for Every Business

When it comes to any form of marketing, customer retention is as important, if not more, as customer acquisition; in fact, many industry experts regard it as the more difficult feat to achieve among the two. As thousands of brands

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4 Winning Tips for Telemarketers

A big part of every telemarketing project battle lies in its management. A couple of good or bad moves are sufficient to make or break a given project. The blog discusses a few management tips that plays a vital  role

AIDAS: Make the Most of Your Consumer Lead Lists
AIDAS: Make the Most of Your Consumer Lead Lists

Telemarketers regularly encounter unresponsive leads while using a paid-for consumer lead list. The key reason potential leads from a consumer lead list do not show any interest in the offers of telemarketers is that they simply cannot trust an unknown

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Lead Qualification: All You Need to Know

Lead qualification is a tough nut to crack, even if the telemarketer is smart at communicating with the prospect. It is a common practice to buy business lists from third parties and send them over to the telemarketing team so

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Understanding the Difference Between Traditional and Predictive Lead Scoring

There has been a tremendous improvement in the telemarketing industry in the past few years and most of the credit goes to third-party US calling data providers. Businesses no longer need to depend on the yellow pages and contact each

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Canadian Telemarketing Guidelines: Must-know Info for Telemarketers

A recently released Canada Post report shows that telemarketing constitutes 23 percent of the total amount of money spent on advertising, in Canada. A large sum out of this total amount is spent on heavy fines for not following proper

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Don’t Let Gatekeepers Become a Hurdle in Telemarketing: Here’s How

The corporate decision makers usually seek refuge behind the gatekeepers to stay away from the reach of persistent telemarketers. The gatekeepers might ask marketers to send an email instead of calling, or tell straightforward that the bosses don’t take sales

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Is B2B Telemarketing Dead? An Unbiased Answer to the Dreaded Question

Telemarketing, surprisingly, is considered one of the most outdated marketing strategies by a lot of businesses. Though it is true that telemarketing calls may seem to be quite annoying, especially when you are attending an important meeting, and so is