hotCold calling for consumer leads can be a daunting task, but when done correctly, it can be a valuable sales tool. To lead cold calls to conversions, you need telemarketers with great communication skills, situational awareness,  perseverance – and a fresh, targeted call list.

The rather newfound ability of even small businesses to reach global customers  is rapidly intensifying the competition in all industries using telemarketing. That’s why it has become essential for businesses to ensure that the representatives who carry their brand to the market through calls are equipped with exactly what they  need to deliver. To help telemarketers beat the tide, here are some handy tips.

Customer Research

Who will you be calling? What is the right time to place the call? Questions like these need to be answered before setting things in motion, and research is  key to appease your target audience. Although buying targeted cold calling lists takes off half the burden, it is important to ensure your sales reps are ideally placed to deliver. Prepare your team to address “real world” concerns of the prospects in pitches, rather than blindly promoting your products or services.

If your company is short on customer research consider partnering with a consumer insights company for either primary or secondary data on your target market. The money you spend will return in closed calls.

Prepare a Script, Then Tailor it To Register With Your Target Market

One of the biggest challenges of telemarketing is that you have just a couple of minutes or probably seconds to intrigue the person on the other end of the phone. That’s when a carefully constructed script can be a gamechanger. Find out the best ways to address prospects and their needs, and have solid reasons for why the person should buy it. After this, you can move to the benefits of your offerings and value proposition based on the customer persona on the other end of the phone.

Use Your Calls To Gather Intelligence While Selling

When the campaign is live, guide the agents to ask as many questions as possible, rather than taking over to pitch the product. Maintain a detailed record of every contact and utilize the intelligence to optimize products and sales initiatives. Your calls are also a strong avenue for consumer research that you can fold into your targeting efforts moving forward.

Don’t Forget Sales 101

Like any sales trade, telemarketing too has its 101 list of do’s and dont’s. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to cold calling.

  • Instead of picking up Yellow pages and or other free online directories, invest in custom generated cold calling lists tailored to your specifications. You have to spend money to make money.
  • Don’t compare yourself with competition on the call, as this can put your customer into a “no decision” state.  Make your competition irrelevant by ignoring them.
  • Don’t be a pushy salesperson. There are many ways of selling a product other than just forcing the customer to buy it. Keep it real and human. Don’t forget that you’re talking to another person on the call, not just a “lead.”
  • Avoid yes or no questions.  For example, instead of asking a potential customer they if they’d like to get more info, why not ask them what information they need.
  • Follow-up calls are essential to telemarketing success. A recent study by insidesales shows that “80 percent of the sales happen after the 5th contact attempt”.

A Few Last Words

In order to make the most from cold calling, you need to be creative and strategic. To learn more about our call lists, please contact us at 800-713-8353.

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