reach the decision maker in telemarketing by getting past the gatekeeper

Even with targeted cold calling lists and exceptional telemarketing scripts, your sales reps may not be able to get to the right decision maker in the company, all thank to the receptionists or executive assistants there to restrict cold solicitations. You can’t really blame them for doing their jobs – still, if your reps get stuck at the gatekeeper, then your sales efforts will die on the vine. So how do you get past the gatekeeper? Let’s discuss.

Exude Confidence, Politely

A confident tone can influence the gatekeeper to believe you are an authoritative figure, increasing the chance they’ll transfer your call. If they ask you to leave your name and number, politely request that they transfer you to the decision maker’s voice mail. The closer you can get to the decision maker, then better.

Build Rapport With the Gatekeeper

Treat the gatekeeper with the same respect you will give the decision maker. If the gatekeeper pushes back on your call, respond with respect and understanding that the gatekeeper is doing their job – gatekeeping. Explain your position and offering and ask the gatekeeper for advice on the best way to reach the decision maker. Ask the gatekeeper for the best time and day to call back and follow through with a formal calendar invite is possible. The more you can present yourself as dedicated to follow through with your job, the more the gatekeeper will respect your intentions and facilitate your call.

Address the Gatekeeper By Their First Name

Although this has been said time and again, don’t forget, even with gatekeepers, always address them by their first name. If you don’t know it, ask. Depending on their age, you may choose to use their last name as a means of showing respect.

Be Assertive, But Never Aggressive

There’s a thin line between assertion and aggression – and gatekeepers are especially sensitive to this line as they are likely to receive multiple cold calls a day. Make sure you speak in a calm but confident tone without sounding pushy are demanding. Even if the gatekeeper refuses to forward your call all together, politely thank them for their time and ask if you can email them your contact information for future reference. Never burn a bridge, especially with a gatekeeper.

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