Data Management and CRM Optimization: The Two Pillars of Successful Telemarketing

Typically, inside sales and telephone marketing services thrive on automated calling solutions and predictive analytics. Sales companies use data-driven strategies to study consumer behaviour on one side and enhance employee engagement on the other. In such a scenario, you neither expect sales campaigns to deliver traditional results, nor limit their processes to manual dialing. Therefore, in the current scenario, telemarketing entails intensive data management and CRM optimization.

Effective Data Management: The Secret to CRM Optimization

Telemarketing, in addition to broadcasting product information, involves setting appointments and optimal lead nurturing, both of which require organizing, arranging and managing data. That’s because any customer relationship management solution, at its very core, is concerned with data insights. It evaluates customer interactions with the help of strategies, practices and technologies to drive sales growth and enrich customer service and relationships.

Yielding strategic results out of a CRM software requires comprehensive data management, which means you need to clean up exhausted data and keep your data accurate at all times. Having said that; many companies continue to invest in CRM implementation without much focus on data management. Consequently, they fail to address data quality and forget to understand the finer lines:

  • Data management is an arduous task, especially when you are managing large volumes of data shared with other teams in your organization.
  • Having processes at your disposal to consolidate data and maintain its quality is paramount for the success of any CRM platform.
  • Effective data management should run parallel to any CRM strategy.

It is necessary to understand that if data management is compromised, it results in numerous missed sales opportunities. According to Gartner, world’s leading information technology and advisory company, most companies that fail at Master data management or MDM — the tools, processes, policies, standards, and governance used to manage the critical data of a company — by 2017, will face a 25 percent reduction in their potential revenue gains.

Given these necessities, clean your data and keep your business telemarketing lists as accurate as possible before starting your system. Take advantage of these tips, to optimize data management –

Let CRM Leaders take Charge

Do not leave data management at the hands of your IT department; they are there to support you with the right technology and software to facilitate the process. Let your CRM leaders take the charge; let them organize and take the ownership with data management.

Start with One Domain

If you plan to manage the data of all your domains at once, the result may be disastrous. The ideal step is to start with one domain that demands the most attention and then move on to others.

Deploy the Right Technology

Proper integration and correlation within the various subsystems of an organization is the reason behind its success. When purchasing a data management software solution, therefore, do work out with your IT department to arrive at a decision that best caters to your company’s interests and specific needs. Good data management tools support various architectural styles, and assist multiple domains on a single technology.

Make Data Cleaning a Regular Process

Data become outdated at an enormous pace. No wonder why data management is a complex process for most companies. Only through a regular cleaning process you can streamline and keep your data updated. Take it as a strategic approach, not as a once-done deal.

Other Benefits of Telemarketing

  • Brings cost-effectiveness
  • Facilitates marketing via email
  • Helps test your sales pitch
  • Enhances market intelligence
  • Increases brand and product awareness
  • Bolsters customer relationship
  • Helps clear product lines quickly


Telephone marketing services, for many of us, might look nothing more than fixing appointments and generating leads. Its significance, however, moves beyond these results. A well-organized telemarketing campaign is not the only key to accelerate development, but also a process to test various technological tools and optimize and improve your CRM. Hope this read helps.

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