competent sales team with the right tools and dataAlmost every type of business needs to generate leads for sales. Despite using killer telemarketing scripts and highly refined call lists, most companies find it a challenge to strike the right balance between the revenue generated from sales and the average customer acquisition cost. While for most CEOs, optimizing the sales team is the answer, they need to figure out a viable way to achieve that. To help, we present to you four solid tips on how to embrace different technologies and approaches to boost the performance of your sales team and generate more revenue.

Data-driven Insights for Team Enhancement

Data is the key to any business, whether we talk about accurate telemarketing lists or predictive analytics. The science of data analytics has carved its place in the call center industry, with many businesses using it to enhance their productivity and reducing costs. Predictive analytics, for example, is a great tool to study, analyse and predict future trends and customer behavior.

All in all, data-driven insights enable SDRs to better understand:

  • Target markets and their prospects
  • Timings of calls or emails
  • Most effective messages
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Employee motivation factors

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Sales is a tough job, but it is tougher to regularly hit those sales figures while maintaining the  acquisition cost. The best way to strike an equilibrium is optimizing the performance of your inside sales team by equipping them with the latest in technology, be it the CRM they use or the calling equipment. In all cases, it is important to use sales acceleration technologies in order to empower your reps to take the right decisions at the right time.

Convert More Leads

Timing matters everywhere and sales is no exception. In addition to persuasive telemarketing scripts and accurate telemarketing call lists, tools such as predictive and power dialers are also crucial, as they help your sales callers improve lead responses time, increase live contacts and qualification rates, and ultimately drive more sales. A recent study shows that if you call a lead within the first five minutes after it signs up a web form, the chances of its qualification or success increase 21 times!

Hire Competent Resources

Despite all the technological advancements, recruiting the right personnel remains one of the biggest challenges for any sales company, with 78 percent sales leaders agreeing with the notion. Studies reveal that test scores, GPA and even experience may not the be the right predictive element when hiring sales experts. In this field, talent is the key to success; it is a natural recurring pattern of feelings, thoughts, and behaviours when used systematically, drives sales. Determining talent, however, is not an easy task. Even if you conduct personality tests such as Gallup Strength finder or Myers Briggs, they would give you useful results, but may not be able to paint the complete picture about the capabilities of candidates.

Having a comprehensive hiring approach allows you to find the right candidates and consequently assists you in critical areas such as:

  • Sales closures
  • Prospecting
  • Self-direction
  • Teamwork
  • Customer management

The Bottom Line

Employing the right technological solutions and processes enhances the performance of sales professionals. Web-based lead management, for example, is an effective solution to streamline sales and productivity, while maintaining complete transparency across different levels in the team. Predictive analytics and machine learning that uses the study of algorithms add to the equation. The result is, it has become a lot meatier and is not just used to display achievements of workers, and study KPIs, but also personalize employee engagement experience.

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