It’s common knowledge that consumers will tell more people about their negative customer service experiences than their good ones. While this trend has been apparent for years, the way shoppers are sharing stories about their bad experiences has evolved to include online reviews. This means the stories people tell about their experiences with your customer service department are no longer forgettable tales they share with their circle of friends.

In today’s business environment, the online reviews people script are permanent, digital stories that will do one of two things. They’ll either inspire people to contact your call center or serve as permanent red flags that have the potential to deter shoppers from contacting your business for generations … or at least until the negative stories are no longer on the first few pages of reviews for your call center.

While that might intimidate some call center managers, it shouldn’t. Instead, it should motivate you because you can use your customer service to establish a competitive advantage.

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Great Customer Service = Competitive Advantage

Savvy call center managers are rising to the challenge of using customer service to create a competitive advantage. If you haven’t done the same yet, there’s no reason to worry, because it’s not too late to follow suit. Using customer service to create a competitive advantage isn’t something you can do overnight, but you can certainly pull it off over time.

Here are some tips that will help you use customer service to gain an advantage over your competitors:

Collect and Analyze Data:

One of the most effective things you can do to provide better customer service is review data about the experiences people have when they contact your call center. You can’t fix a problem unless you know what it is, after all. By reviewing data about the interactions callers have with your agents, you can identity the most pressing areas of concern and takes steps to correct them.

Naturally, you need to collect data before you can analyze it. To collect the information you need to make changes your customers will appreciate, you can ask callers to complete surveys over the phone immediately after they talk to one of your agents. Since some callers may refuse to complete a survey, you may need to use additional means to get the information you need, such as social media and emails.

Hire the Right People:

To provide excellent customer service, you have to hire the right call center agents. Being an agent is challenging, and the job requires certain skills for a candidate to be successful and provide the level of service your clients want. You should ensure your employees have superb oral and written communication skills and that they’re trainable. They should also be patient and attentive and have a genuine, heartfelt interest in helping consumers.

Provide Autonomy and Track Performance:

You should provide your agents with some autonomy within certain guidelines. Your agents handle calls from your customers all day, which means they’ll probably know when a call needs to be escalated to a manager or a senior agent before you do. Provide them with guidelines, but trust them with the autonomy to make the right decisions when they’re fielding inbound calls.

To ensure your agents are consistently providing satisfactory customer service, you need to track relevant performance metrics. In addition to letting you know how your team is doing, keeping an eye on key performance indicators will give you the chance to identify things you can improve as you move forward and incorporate new technologies into your call center’s operations.


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