AIDAS: Make the Most of Your Consumer Lead Lists

Telemarketers regularly encounter unresponsive leads while using a paid-for consumer lead list. The key reason potential leads from a consumer lead list do not show any interest in the offers of telemarketers is that they simply cannot trust an unknown caller. On that note, let us learn how the AIDAS theory can not only help you improve the conversion rate of your telemarketing campaign, but also build a reputable brand image for your business.

1. Draw the ‘Attention’ of Your Customers

Your sales agents need to understand that the first few minutes of their sales presentation are crucial in drawing the attention of the prospects and converting them into sales leads. In addition, if you succeed in making a connect with your customers, don’t make yourself look over-enthusiastic for sales, or you might lose them in the process.

2. Generate ‘Interest’ in Your Brand

Once you have the attention of your customer, try to build their interest not only in your products and services, but also in your brand. Such efforts help you boost the brand image of the company. Moreover, you need to work on your product knowledge once you know you are calling the right people from your residential phone list. A strong sales pitch certainly keeps your leads interested in learning the ins and outs of your products and services.

3. Nurture the ‘Desire’ of Your Leads

A lead generation program becomes effective only when it fulfills the aspirations of your leads. Engage with your leads and nurture them until the time they are ready to make purchases. As marketing managers, it is your responsibility to train your sales agents to create enough interest in customers’ minds to buy the products and services of your company.

4. Help Your Customers ‘Act’

Your telemarketing campaign goes for a toss if the leads don’t make purchases at the end of conversation. Your sales agents need to follow a proper call-to-action plan as part of the telemarketing campaign. They need to include “call-to-action” in their sales pitch and see the quick conversion of leads into prospects and finally accounts for the company.

5. Leave Them ‘Satisfied’

After-sales service is a crucial component of the sales process. Once your customer has relied on you; bought your products and services, you need to reassure them that they have made the right decision. Timely and satisfactory after-sales service is one of the key ways you can leave your customers satisfied with their buying decision.


Increase in customer conversion rate through telemarketing yields desirable results when you make use of the AIDAS theory of selling. Not only you can increase the conversion rate of the potential leads, but also get more prospects in the process through word-of-mouth from happy customers. The success of your campaigns, however, also depend on the quality of consumer lead lists you buy, and that’s when you need a reliable provider such as TelephoneLists. Feel free to contact our telemarketing consultants for a free sample list, tailored to your prerequisites.