Cold Calling Tips with TelephoneListsCold Calling is one of the widely used selling processes that is often hard to master. This crucial stage of marketing generates the much-needed business leads that an organization requires for closing out sales. Simply put, this process helps to generate qualified leads that are converted into sales prospects. Cold calling, however, may prove to be ineffective in the absence of high-quality business leads and right calling practices. In this post, we will discuss five effective modern-day cold calling practices.

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1. Offering a Complete Product or Service

It is ideal to call your clients when you can offer them a complete product or service that is customized according to their business requirements. Instead of pitching your products and to your prospects, it is better to show them how relevant your offers to their current needs. Your sales agents need to have a thorough understanding of the market and industry before calling up prospects so that they can communicate with them in the right manner. It is crucial for you, as a telemarketer, to build credibility with your prospective customers in the first instance.

2. Build a Strategy

In the case of B2B sales, often getting past the “gatekeeper administrators” is difficult. You need to strategize to get around and directly reach the decision makers. You need to choose an appropriate time to reach these executives such as midweek, early in the morning or at the top of every business hour. If you are able to establish contact with decision makers, keep your sales pitch short, precise, and effective.

3. Buy Business Leads

Another important cold calling practice is contacting only high-quality business leads. You may wonder how to ensure that have the contact list of the right target audience. Well, a reputed online list vendor online provide you customized business lists for your telemarketing campaign. These vendors provide you up-to-date contact lists containing valuable demographics including business names, business code, full address for an affordable price. Telemarketing businesses may also choose demographic filters such as industry, business revenue, credit rating, and the number of employees to obtain accurate data of B2B leads.

4. Follow a Multi-Channel Approach

Following a multi-channel sales approach with your business customers helps your telemarketing campaign a great deal. It is crucial to communicate with your prospects through various channels such as email and social media. You never know when even a simple conversation may turn your contacts into sales prospects.

5. Use the Lead Disposition Process

Telemarketers need to understand the significance of the process of lead disposition. They should ideally use a lead disposition process to work through each of their leads. This process may be initiated by a short sequence of calls, follow-up emails, and voicemails over the course of several business days. If you don’t receive any response from your lead even after this disposition sequence, mark it as “nurture” and move on to the next qualified lead.


Following these cold calling practices can help you a great deal to turn your leads into sales. If, however, you are planning for a telemarketing campaign, and looking for quality leads, call our telemarketing experts for a free sample.

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